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TPE+TPU Phone cases

Art Football

Newest material for anti-shock phone cases, paired with the trendiest designs of the century.

Material : TPE, TPU, Polycarbonate

Type of product : Bumper


About this item:

  • Shockproof to protect your phone
  • Protection and Allows the Color of Your iPhone Show –
  • The Anti Fall Case is made up of Soft TPU and non-Newtonian fluid TPE, protection, absorbing and deflecting shock when your iPhone experiences impact
  • Precision Fit: Cutouts for all phone functions, including your camera, have been custom-made to perfectly match your iPhone
  • Supports wireless charging.

8 reviews for Al Hilal – Arabic

  1. العربية

    Nourah Fahad A. (verified owner)

    تعامل مميز
    الكفر جميل جميلل 🥰
    مو اخر تعامل ان شاءالله

  2. العربية

    عبدالعزيز القحطاني (verified owner)

    جداً حلووو وجوده مافي احلى منها ♥️♥️

  3. العربية

    مجهول (verified owner)

  4. العربية

    Ebtesam alnaeema (verified owner)

    من اجمل التصاميم

  5. English

    Sara Alduwais (verified owner)

  6. العربية

    صالح السليمان (verified owner)

  7. العربية

    بخيت اليامي (verified owner)

    التصميم بطل وكذا طاح مني التلفون ولاتاثر هذا دليل ان الكفر ممتاز جدًا👍🏽

    • العربية

      Ridha Alolaiwi (verified owner)

      انت البطل يالغالي تستاهل

  8. العربية

    Nada Alshdukhi (verified owner)

    الجوده و السرعه ممتازين

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